Radiology reporting at emrad consists of providing insourcing support to the emrad NHS Hospital Trusts, helping to reduce their radiology outsourcing costs and reporting backlogs across the East Midlands; and developing the emrad Business Intelligence offer, with the emphasis on visualisation and turning data into information, which operational and clinical services can use to improve patient services and patient flow.

emrad Insourcing


Insourcing History

emrad Insourcing first started in August 2016 with 6 reporters at the Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust. This was a pilot that ran for 3 months which soon after became business as usual activity because of the benefits it provided to the reporters and the Trust.

Since August 2016, emrad have deployed 54 workstations in different emrad consortium Trusts. Currently we have 5 initiatives running at 4 different Trusts, with emrad providing insourcing support.

We have insourced more than 111,000 reports and currently have over 40 active reporters. This has been an enormous benefit to the Trusts involved in this initiative as it has reduced their outsourcing bill considerably and helped reduce their reporting backlogs which has eased some of the operational pressures.

We are currently looking for more reporters to come and join our insourcing programme to reduce outsourcing costs. There are huge benefits being part of the insourcing model, if you require further information, please contact emrad through the Contact Us page.

Insourcing Benefits

  • Reduced travel & better work/life balance

  • Robust governance arrangements for reporters to be able to report remotely

  • Competitive prices for insourcing, see table opposite for our tariffs

  • No interruptions when working remotely

  • Monthly payments, included in your current pay slips

  • Improved ability to provide on-call support from home and prepare for MDT

  • Improving patient care by turning around the reports quicker

  • Reduction in second opinions as the insourcing is provided by Trust colleagues

  • A remote workstation provided by the Trust

  • Help reduce backlog at your department

  • Help reduce outsourcing cost of your department

emrad Reporting Tariffs

emrad Business Intelligence

The emrad analytics team have used the GE Business Intelligence tool to create various dashboards that have visualised operational and clinical data which has helped the emrad NHS Hospital Trusts to save time and money, measure performance and help improve patient care.

See below for examples of some of the dashboards that have been created by the emrad analytics team, click on a image for a larger view, if you require further information, please contact emrad through the Contact Us page.

Insourcing Reporter Activity Dashboard

A&E Plain Film Reports against KPI Dashboard


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