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The emrad project has grown.  From a small start as a straightforward joint procurement opportunity, emrad has changed into a clinically led project with executive-level sponsorship; input and support from several key national groups; and international interest.



Deploying a shared technical and governance solution at scale, across seven different NHS Trusts, takes time and expertise.


All consortium memberTrusts are following the shared operational, information and clinical governance structures.


Five Trusts are now live with the technical system from GE. Chesterfield and the recently merged Burton & Derby Hospitals ( University Hospitals of Burton & Derby)  are finalising details to move on to the new technical system.


All clinicians in all live Consortium member sites now have access to the shared regional imaging patient record.


Clinical activity between sites (i.e. across Trust care boundaries) is now being provided at scale.


We are collaboratively deploying innovative technical systems to underpin the desire for a true cross-region 'view' of our services: not just describing how things are today, but looking to predict problems next week before they occur based on data trends.


We are also proving the consortium model as a solid basis for collaboration within services and across NHS boundaries, without the need to create additional legal entities to do so. This includes the flexibility for Trusts to join, and leave, in a governed manner.


The second strand of the project is the development of new ways of providing and sustaining clinical services- with an ethos of collaboration, not competition- to support imaging departments in the region, improve patient access to expert care, and to make the East Midlands an attractive place for the current and future generation of clinicians to make their home.

Five Trusts are now using an agreed consortium model to provide additional clinical services in-house- 'insourcing'.  A combination of strong governance, activity management, and innovative technology solutions means work-life balance can be enhanced at the same time as increasing capacity.

Working with the Society of Radiograpers, the model has also been adapted to establish a framework for provision of extended role radiographer reporting. This is taking place in four Trusts currently.

The complete insourcing documentation bundle is available to any NHS Trust or group on request. It is designed to take you from a start-from-scratch position, to full remote service delivery, and is platform independent.   

As a consortium we are keen to develop projects involving the wider clinical community.  We are currently working with stroke physicians to improve remote access to urgent stroke imaging studies within our region.     

We are also exploring ways in which we can work with technologies at the cutting edge, to bring them in to wide use for clinicians and patients so they can have the largest possible benefit. 


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