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25 January 2018:


Derby Teaching Hospitals has this month become the latest trust to join EMRAD – a radiology consortium which allows hospitals across the East Midlands to share images such as x-rays and scans.


The Trust’s board approved the decision on January 16 and the official documentation was signed this week.


It means that within the next six months images from Derby and Burton hospitals will be able to be shared easily across the region.


Dr Tim Taylor, Medical Director of EMRAD, said “On behalf of the existing consortium trusts, I am delighted to welcome Derby into the strong governance and sharing agreements enabled by being a member of the EMRAD consortium.


“All the current Trusts, and the consortium team, look forward to working with Derby. We are also looking forward to supporting Burton and Derby on their journey together, as equal members of the consortium.”


Being a member of the EMRAD consortium helps improve decision-making. The shared governance and commitment to work together- along with a software solution from GE- helps experts at each of the eight hospitals to view images instantly on their computer, regardless of where the patient is being treated.


“This is good news for our patients and our clinical teams as it makes for quicker sharing of images and information between hospitals in the East Midlands,” said Dr Nigel Sturrock, Executive Medical Director for Derby Teaching Hospitals.


“This will ensure timely decision making by the clinical teams in different hospitals to improve the care of our patients who move between different Trusts in the region.

“Derby Teaching Hospitals will continue to use its current radiology picture archiving and communication system but joining the consortium will allow clinicians to access the complete radiology imaging record for their patients, including scans, reports and clinical opinions, regardless of which hospital they were performed at.”


The trusts are using the GE Healthcare Cross Enterprise Reporting tool. It is designed to enable fluid sharing of information and workload to optimise care quality within a region.


Dr Adam Thomas, Consultant Radiologist at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, has been using the system since it was piloted last summer. He said: “The Cross Enterprise Reporting tool enables me to report on studies from King’s Mill or Lincoln from my desk in Nottingham. I can access the entire patient record including imaging exams independent from where they were taken

“Provision of second opinions acquired in Derby will be much easier and quicker now that they are joining the consortium.”


Dr Taylor added: “This is genuinely innovative technology, and has the potential to improve patient care, bringing it closer to home and enabling patients to be treated in a more timely manner.”


Stephen Bromhall, General Manager, Healthcare Digital UK & Ireland at GE, said:

“We are delighted that Derby is joining the EMRAD consortium, which is at the forefront of innovative and collaborative radiology services provision. It is a great benefit to patients when images and reports are available to medical professionals wherever the patient is being treated.”


The other EMRAD consortium members are: Burton Hospitals, Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Kettering General Hospital, Sherwood Forest Hospitals, Nottingham University Hospitals, Northampton General Hospital and United Lincolnshire Hospitals.


EMRAD is part of the NHS Acute Care Collaboration Vanguard programme, in which 13 entities nationwide are developing ways in which NHS Trusts can work together on innovations to improve clinical and financial viability.



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