An Acute Care Collaboration Vanguard, creating and maintaining an innovative NHS imaging network for the benefit of patients and clinicians in the East Midlands and beyond.

East Midlands Radiology Consortium




Since 2014, we have been working with GE healthcare, to create an innovative and scalable radiology IT system, capable of handling millions of patient events and providing imaging data to point of care anywhere in our region.


Over 1.6 billion images.

Approximately one petabyte of data.

1.6 million studies being added every year.


We have ensured that the technical approach is one based on international standards compliant solutions, which assures safety and guarantees future proofing of further software development.


Any image, anywhere, any time.



Only one Trust to go...


As of April 2017, we have very nearly finished deploying this innovative technical system, in an ambitious programme of work with each Trust supporting their neighbour as they deploy.


We have deployed our first truly regional sharing tool, Regional ZFP, allowing all clinicians to see patient data at point of need, regardless of location. We're also sharing beyond our borders, much more safely than ever before.


Simultaneously, we are deploying strong clinical, information and operational governance structures to keep everyone in step and patient data secure.



Healthcare innovation doesn't stand still and neither do we.


With help from the NHS Vanguard programme, we are using our technical and governance systems to the fullest, to explore some of the big 'what-if?' questions which relate to NHS imaging services.


We are actively sharing everything we learn with other NHS organisations, for the benefit of all.


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